There is no shortage of sporting stars making headlines off the field for all the wrong reasons. From dodgy dalliances bubbling to the surface, to marriages shattered, lucrative endorsement deals flushed down the toilet and clubs that can no longer hold onto players who have messed up in very big ways. Leading the pack is champion golfer Tiger Woods, who hit the spotlight for reasons other than winning yet another tournament. The saga of his encounters with more than 100 women kept newspapers selling and mouses clicking. Some superstars can’t keep their fingers to themselves as texting has become all the rage for athletes looking for a bit of extra-curricular activity outside the family mansion. And football stars messing with teammates or their teammate’s wives. The flipside of fame means things don’t stay secret for long for people constantly in the gaze of the public eye – mouth-watering gossip for the media. Is it the pressure to succeed, the money and the fame? Scandalous will look at the many issues behind the scandals and why professional sport seems to keep going regardless.
Author(s) Barry Stone
Category Sport & Leisure
Date published 01 Sep 2012
ISBN 9781742702735
Format Paperback
Details 304 pages - 128mm x 198mm

RRP: £9.99

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