Le Snob: Perfume

Smelling a particular perfume or cologne can evoke a flood of memories, and with hundreds of new perfumes flooding the market every year, how do you choose a personal scent? Le Snob: Perfume is the guide you need to seek out and savour the highest quality perfumes from around the world, from bespoke and personalised perfumes to natural perfumery and classic scents such as Chanel No. 5. This book offers impeccable advice on all aspects of this artisanal product, from learning how to recognise olfactory categories to professional production techniques. Additional features include advice from experts within the perfume industry on subjects ranging from selecting a perfume to correct storage. Witty, assured and informative, this book is the perfect foil for your obsession for the perfect scent. Le Snob: elite guides for those in the know.
Author(s) Dariush Alavi
Category Humour, Gift & Stationery
Date published 01 Oct 2012
ISBN 9781742704685
Format Hardback
Details 144 pages - 104mm x 170mm

RRP: £8.99

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